Alisa Soto
Alisa Soto

Vital statistics
Full Name: Alisa Soto
Species: Half-Blood Witch
Clan(s): Rowanwand
Coven(s): Kithic

Ròiseal (Formally)

Occupation: Student
Family: Mr. Soto- Father

Sarah Curtis- Mother †
Hilary Soto- Step-Mother
Unnamed Half-Brother
Evelyn Curtis- Grandmother
Sam Curtis- Uncle
Ruth- Cousin
Brigid- Cousin

Alisa Soto is a half-blood witch with the powers of a full-blood witch, as well as telekinesis.

During The Series:Edit

Initially, she was afraid of Wicca, but when she finds out she is part witch, she forces herself to confront her powers. She finds her mother's book of shadows after Morgan receives it from the owner of the store, Practical Maigck. Within the book of shadows, Alisa finds out that her mother, Sarah Curtis, had stripped herself of her powers in fear of them, which inadvertently resulted in Alisa inheriting those powers.

It turns out that in Alisa's family, the firstborn female is cursed with uncontrollable telekinesis. Alisa also possesses this power and, as it is later revealed, so does her grandmother. Alisa meets her mother's family later in the series and even receives her mother's tools from her grandmother. Her witch family is from the Rowanwand clan.