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Awakening is the 5th book of the Sweep series.

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Awakening was first published on August 6, 2001.


After being betrayed by Cal, the first boy she ever loved, Morgan attempts to get on with her life. She begins to study with Hunter, and slowly begins to realize her feelings for him. But dark magick seems to be surrounding them and someone close is to blame. Hunter and Morgan slowly start to get closer throughout the book. Hunter suspects that the dark magick is being used by David Redstone, owner of Practical Magick and Morgan's friend. Morgan does everything she can to try and prove it wasn't him, but in the end, Hunter is right. The day before David gets stripped of his powers, Morgan and Hunter share a passionate kiss, and after Hunter strips David of his powers, he gives Morgan the stone Morganite, and it shows that Morgan is the thing/person that Hunter desires most in his heart.

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