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Book of Shadows is the 1st book in the Sweep series.

Publication HistoryEdit

Book of Shadows was first published on January 29, 2002.


US Cover TextEdit

Something is happening to me that I don't understand.
I see things, feel things in a new way.
I can do things that normal people can't do. Powerful things. Magickal things. It scares me.
I never choose to learn witchcraft.
But I'm starting to wonder if witchcraft is choosing me.


Morgan Rowlands is a high school student living in Widow's Vale. Overall, Morgan is an ordinary girl that lives an ordinary lifestyle. Her life becomes unsettled upon meeting Cal Blaire. With his perfect nose, olive skin, and gold-colored eyes he quickly becomes the center of admiration of all the girls in school, this including Morgan and her best friend, Bree Warren. Having an air of charisma and good looks, Cal is able to gain enough popularity that he is able to gather people from his new school for a party. At the gathering he reveals his Wiccan origins by inviting his peers to join him in a circle to celebrate Mabon, one of the Wiccan sabbats. Feelings of surprise and discomfort cause many to leave while others including Morgan and Bree stay for the circle. Morgan from then on shows a knack for Wicca, which sparks Cal's interest. By Cal openly showing interest in Morgan, he ends up creating a rift between her and Bree. At the last circle, Cal forms a coven with the group naming it Cirrus. At this circle, Morgan discovers that she is a blood witch, which helps to spark something between her and Cal.

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