Sweep I bindup

Sweep Vol. I bindup (US 2010)

Sweep is a 15-book series that centers mostly on Morgan Rowlands as she discovers and explores her heritage as a "blood witch ".

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The BooksEdit

  1. Book of Shadows
  2. The Coven
  3. Blood Witch
  4. Dark Magick
  5. Awakening
  6. Spellbound
  7. The Calling
  8. Changeling
  9. Strife
  10. Seeker
  11. Origins
  12. Eclipse
  13. Reckoning
  14. Full Circle
  15. Night's Child

The MovieEdit

On October 20, 2010, it was announced that Universal Studios had purchased the film rights to Sweep. Robert Nelson Jacobs was attached to write the first screenplay.

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