A Dark Wave is wave of destruction and sorrow. Its extremely powerful and will kill anything in its path. It was created in 1654 Scotland by Rose MacEwan. The spell is mainly casted by Woodbanes.

Known Dark Waves, Causes and Castors:Edit

Rose MacEwan: 1654, Scotland

Cause: To seek revenge on all those who hurt her and disrespected Woodbanes.

Result: Wiped out the village and killed all the local Vikroth

Ciaran MacEwan: 1985, Ireland

Cause: To get back at Maeve Riordan for Rejecting Ciaran MacEwan

Result: Nearly killed off Belwicket.

Survivors: Maeve Riordan, Angus Bramson, Katrina Byrne and Pawel Byrne.

Selene Belltower: 1991, England

Cause: To get revenge on Daniel Niall and his wife.

Result: Slowly killed Fiona Niall

Survivors: Daniel Niall


Cause: To Kill off non-Woodbane covens and collect their knowledge.

Result: Covens and Villages are completely destroyed.

Ciaran MacEwan: 2002, Widow's Vale, New York

Cause: To kill Morgan Rowlands and her Coven, Kithic, because she was too powerful and wouldn't join Amyranth.

Result: Dismantled by Hunter Niall, Daniel Niall, Morgan Rowlands, and Alisa Soto.

Lilith Delaney: 2021, Cobh, Ireland

Cause: To kill off Belwicket.

Result: Dismantled by Moira Byrne Niall, Ian Delaney, Sky Eventide, Morgan Rowlands, Hunter Niall, and the rest of the Belwicket Coven.

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