Vital statistics
Full Name: Diarmuid
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Leapvaughn
Family: Unnamed Parents †

Siobhan MacMahon- Fiancée †
Rose MacEwan- Ex-Lover/Mùirn Beatha Dàn †
Unnamed Daughter †

Diarmuid was Rose MacEwan's Mùirn Beatha Dàn and the father of her Unborn Daughter. He was also Siobhan MacMahon's Fiancée through an arranged marriage by his parents.

Origins Edit

Diarmuid lived in 1654 Scotland. Who "falls in love" with his Mùirn Beatha Dàn, Rose and fathers her unnamed Daughter. When actually he was spelled through a Rose Quartz stone. He was revealed to actually be betrothed to Siobhan MacMahon by his parents. Unlike most he was actually okay with the marriage and was in love and attracted to Siobhan. Because of this he was relieved to be free form the charm Rose put on him. He is shown to be a very kind and loving person, however his true colors are shown when Rose is imprisoned for Witch Trial. He never stepped up and defended her or claim his child, and later visited her and tried to rape her before she died. Rose fought him off and he left. Unintentionally leaving a burning candle, and out of hurt and Heart break, Rose creates the Dark Wave to destroy all the people who hurt a Woodbane. Diarmuid being one of them. When Rose was released the next day it was shown that a Mysterious fire killed all the Leapvaughn and Vikroth villagers including Diarmuid and Siobhan. Diarmuid's corpse was seen in the rubble of his house hugging Siobhan's corpse.

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