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Hunter Niall
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Vital statistics
Full Name: Hunter Niall
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Woodbane (1/2), Wyndenkell (1/2)
Coven(s): Kithic
Coven Name: Gìomanach
Occupation: Seeker
Family: Morgan Rowlands - Fiancée

Moira Byrne - Daughter
Daniel Niall - Father
Fiona Niall - Mother †
Cal Blaire - Half-Brother †
Linden Niall - Brother †
Alwyn Niall - Sister
Beck Eventide - Uncle
Shelagh Eventide - Aunt
Sky Eventide - Cousin
Léomanach - Cousin once removed

Hunter Niall is a main character of the Sweep series, and the mùirn beatha dàn and later fianceé of Morgan Rowlands, with whom he has a daughter, Moira.


Early lifeEdit

Hunter Niall was born in December, 1983, to Daniel Niall and his lover and future wife, Fiona. Later, he gets two siblings, Linden Niall and Alwyn Niall, and one half-sibling, Cal Blaire from his father's first wife, Selene Belltower. He had a happy childhood until his parents had to flee from the dark wave.

During the SeriesEdit

Hunter Niall is one of the important main characters in the series. His Wiccan name is "Gìomanach" which means "hunter". He is described as tall, thin and lean, with short blond hair and stunning green eyes.He is accused of killing one of his brothers from calling up a taibh when really his brother had done it himself to find their parents. Hunter then joins the International Council of Witches as a Seeker at the age of 17.

He meets Morgan when investigating Cal and Selene's suspected use of dark magick. Their relationship doesn't start off well as Cal and Selene lead Morgan to believe he's evil. But Morgan is left conflicted when both Hunter and her mutually partaking in a tàth meànma after Hunter survives falling off a cliff into a river with Morgan's athame in his neck, that Morgan, whilst trying to save Cal threw at Hunter and she sees he isn't who she thought he was. Once Cal leaves there is obvious chemistry between the pair and during the series Hunter evolves and develops into the central figure in Morgan's life and is in fact her mùirn beatha dàn. Hunter later proposes to Morgan and she says yes.

Night's ChildEdit

Before the start of Night's Child, Hunter is taken by evil witches which leaves Morgan to believe Hunter is dead. Morgan finds out Hunter is still alive so she and her daughter Moira Byrne--who is really Hunter's daughter though she believes she is the daughter of Colm Byrne (Morgan's late husband)--go to save Hunter from the dark witches. After Hunter is saved he proposes to Morgan again and Morgan accepts.



Hunter Niall is the eldest son of Fiona and Daniel Niall . He is followed by his brother Linden (deceased) and sister Alwyn. He is also the half sibling of Cal Blaire; they share the same father. After his parents disappeared Hunter, Linden and Alwyn moved in with their Uncle Beck and Aunt Shelaigh, who raised them. Hunter became especially close to his cousin, Sky Eventide. Linden was killed after turning to dark magick in an effort to find their parents.

Hunter eventually tracks down his father in Quebec, Canada. He discovers his mother passed away months before after contact with a dark wave.

Hunter is the father of Morgan Rowland's child, Moira Byrne.

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