Robbie Gurevitch
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Vital statistics
Full Name: Robert Gurevitch
Nicknames: Robbie
Species: Human
Coven(s): Cirrus (Formerly)


Coven Name: None
Occupation: Student (1-14)
Family: Mother (unknown name)

Father (unknown name)
Michelle Gurevitch - Sister

Robbie Gurevitch is the best friend of Morgan Rowlands Byrne and best friend and ex-boyfriend of Bree Warren by Night's Child and is married to an unknown woman. Robbie goes to Widow's Vale High School. He started out in Cal Blaire's coven, Cirrus, and ended up in Kithic with Sky Eventide and Hunter Niall.

Character HistoryEdit

Robbie grew up in a very Catholic household. He has an older sister, whom his parents outwardly show more affection for. He and his sister are very close.

In Night's Child, it is stated that He and Bree dated in high school but broke up during college. He went to Law School, and married someone that he met in Law School.


  • His sign is Taurus
  • His rune is Eoh
  • His metal is Copper
  • His herb is Mugwort
  • His stone is Emerald