Rose MacEwan
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Vital statistics
Full Name: Rose McEwan
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Woodbane
Occupation: Student (11)
Family: Sile MacEwan - Mother †

Unnamed Daughter †
Diarmuid- Ex-Lover/Mùirn Beatha Dàn †
Ciaran MacEwan - Descendant †
Kyle MacEwan – Descendant
Iona MacEwan – Descendant †
Killian MacEwan - Descendant
Morgan Rowlands - Descendant
Moira Byrne-Niall – Descendant

Rose MacEwan is the creator and the first person to cast the Dark Wave. She is an ancestor of Morgan Rowlands on her biological father's side and Diarmuid's Mùirn Beatha Dàn. Her story is told in the eleventh Sweep novel, Origins


Rose MacEwan lived in 1654 Scotland. She falls in love with Diarmuid, a Leapvaughn, who fathered her unnamed child. During the story she falls in love, and has her heart broken. She is betrayed by witch-hunter villagers. When she is locked up she learns of Diarmuid's true nature, out of hurt and Heart break, She creates the Dark Wave. At the time she did not understand the full effects and consequences of her actions. When she see the destruction of her spell, she embraces her darkness, and goes to lead a Dark Woodbane coven. 

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